Leo Johnson

Leo is Co-Founder of Sustainable Finance, advisor to over 50 global banks and businesses and now part of PWC, leading their Disruption practice. He also co-presents the Radio 4 series “FutureProofing”, exploring the impacts of exponential technologies on business and society. Leo is the author of Beyond Risk and winner of the IFC Corporate Award for his work with the financial sector. He is a Fellow at Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise, and lectures at the LSE and the Cambridge Programme for Industry. But he is most proud of founding Unthinkable Drinkable Brent, the urban wine co-operative, a bottle of whose NW6 local red the Archbishop of Canterbury has stored in the cellars of Lambeth Palace, reserved, allegedly, for unrepentant sinners.

Jeremy Skidmore

Jeremy has been a journalist for more than 30 years on national and travel trade titles. Previously editor of Travel Weekly and a reporter for The Telegraph and The Mail on Sunday, he has been a regular contributor to several national newspapers, television and radio stations, and online publications. He is regularly hired to moderate major events, including the Barclays Travel Forum and the annual Global Travel Group conference. Jeremy also runs high-energy media training courses that prepare executives to deal with any approach from the media and presentation courses that show executives how to deliver when it matters. His company also produces videos for several companies across various industries.

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